Port City Body Works is seeking to provide accessible treatment to those in need.

Certified Reflexology in Saint John NB Providing relaxation, holistic health practice and personalized therapy treatments. As the need for pain relief and alternative therapies grows.

Jo Dixon

Certified Reflexologist from The Atlantic School of Reflexology

Jo is a caring and personable therapist, wife, mother, artist and professional. She will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is best for your body.

Please contact her, she would love to get to know you and your situation better.

email: jo@portcitybodyworks.com

Phone: 506-977-0527

Reflexology is a great way to ease stress, gain better health, reduce pain, as well as comfort achy feet and hands.  Why not give it a try?  Experience an opportunity to balance health and well being!  Your body will thank you!

Whether you have specific body work needs or you are simply looking to benefit from relaxation Port City Body Works will come to you or your community.

Phone: 506-977-0527

Email: jo@portcitybodyworks.com

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